Book Review – The World Between Blinks

Ok, I don’t normally read junior fiction but I’m doing some research on multiverse and how it’s applied in fiction and in particular to younger readers. I searched by my library’s catalogue under the subject – multiverse and this came up as one of the titles. It sounded interesting so I borrowed it.

This is a story about two cousins – Jake and Marisol whose grandmother (Nana) has recently died and they miss her terribly. At their family gathering at their Nana’s beach house (which is on sale soon), the two cousins visit the nearby lighthouse and somehow open up a portal to the World between Blinks. There they have an adventure and meet so many wonderful and strange characters (ones that have mysteriously disappeared from our world). Harold Holt (former prime minister of Australia) even makes an appearance. But they don’t want to be lost in the World between Blinks forever, they want to go home and see their family again and maybe save Nana’s house. Before they could go home though, they need to catch someone first in the World between Blinks. So the chase is on!

The story starts off slow but I stuck with it and I’m glad because there was a twist about halfway through and I got quite excited. So I read on!

But did I learn about the multiverse? Yes, I learned that there is a door of some kind and a fading-in of some kind when entering another world. Seems like entering this other world is easy for the body and mind. So no physical convulsion or mental anguish or stress, which I find a bit far-fetched because I would think that if you were entering some kind of another dimension your body would be put through some kind of change or stress. Well, it is fiction after all so anything could happen I guess.

Anyway, this is a good story. Kids would love it if they’re onto that kind of thing. It’s easy to follow and the characters are believable and relatable. Not many kids would know who Harold Holt is though so I don’t know why he is mentioned. Although, if I was a curious kid I’d probably want to find out more about him. It’s a type of book you’d want to take on a beach during your summer holidays.


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