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Hello and welcome to my professional blog. My name is Karina Tumon and I am a practicing librarian. Here you will find my sporadic thoughts and experiences within the wonderful world of libraries, information and communication technologies and information literacy. Oh, and I also like art, design, writing (mostly children’s stories) and making crafts so I might squeeze in an idea or two about these other passions too.

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Twitter: @Karina_Tumon

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I am responsible for the content of this blog, not my employer, clients or other agencies which might be seen to be represented. In other words, this blog is my opinion. It does not represent the views of my employer, clients, industry or other organisations in which I am associated with.

I encourage you to share whatever wisdom you impart from reading my blog, but please do let me know if you think you are merely going to copy the content or features of my blog into your own blog. Sharing is cool but not plagiarising.

I would love you to comment and interact with the other readers who comment but please respect each others opinions. If I believe that your comment is inappropriate, disrespectful or rude, I will delete it.

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  1. Smarty Squid is a great name, love the banner image of him!! 😀

    1. Karina Tumon says:

      Thank you so much! Must change the banner image soon though. May have to put him on a beach or somewhere ‘holiday’ish’…

  2. Jkoekoe says:

    Hi Karina, I always have trouble coming up with disclaimers and I really love yours here. Mind if I copy it for my blog?

    1. Karina Tumon says:

      Sure! Just mix it about to suit you! Best of luck! K

      1. Jkoekoe says:

        Many thanks 🙂

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