Book Review – Halo – Cryptum

I borrowed this book by Greg Bear 3 months ago and it’s taken me only this time to finish it. I actually didn’t know about Halo. I just liked the cover when it arrived in my library as a new item. So I borrowed it. As I started reading it, I found more about Halo….

Book Review – Sapiens, Vols 1 and 2

I came across the first volume while working (that’s what happens when you work in a public library). My first thought when I checked it out was that my son would love to read this book. I’ve read Harari’s Sapiens non-fiction book five years ago. This has similar content but in a graphic novel format….

Book Review – The God Equation

Ok you might say that I’m an armchair physicist before I read this book by Michio Kaku. It was one of the new arrivals at my library and I was quickly drawn into it. The cover didn’t even look like a physics book nor did the title – The God Equation. Maybe the word ‘equation’…

Book Review – Time Wise

This has been a very handy read and it came at a time when I was starting a new a role at another department. It’s a collection of time hacks and strategies that you could apply at work but could also be applied in your personal life. I like Imber’s writing style – relatable, humourous…

Book Review – Impossible

When this book was ready to be picked up from my library, I had forgotten why I reserved it. Then I started reading it and yes I did remember eventually. I was doing some research on multiverses in fiction. The other book I’ve read with the same subject matter was The World Between Blinks, which…