Avatar chosen

One of the hardest thing about starting a new blog (especially that of a professional one) is the image you want to portray to the public. I have spent almost an hour trying to decide which photo I should use for my avatar.

Hmmm…what about the one with the garden in the background that would look nice. It would show a natural side of me. Oh but the lighting isn’t that great there maybe I should use the one with me sitting at the computer. It would be more professional and shows where I do most of my work. Or how about that posy one with my head cocked up on one side looking like it’s about to fall off on my shoulder. Well models do it all the time, why not me?

But alas I’ve chosen an image that has the hallmark of a passport photo – well except for the smiling face and the heavy framed glasses. Apparently, they’re one of the no-no’s of passport photos. Nevertheless, the avatar I’ve chosen is identifiable with no disguising hallmarks. Just pure, unadulterated me!


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