Am I mad? – A reading project?!

I just had a brilliant idea! I’m going to read 6-8 books and other reading material within six weeks. I don’t think I’ve read that many within a six week period ever– not even when I was in High School. The most I can do now is read one book in six weeks. What a challenge this would be! So here’s my plan:

  • Read as many items from a variety of formats (see below) within this term
  • Post my reviews in this blog as well as on Amazon and other sites
  • Reward myself with a nice gift if I complete it
  • Repeat next year if successful

Formats to choose from:

  • Fiction
  • Non-fiction
  • Magazines (from start to finish)
  • Blogs
  • E-books
  • Picture books

9 Comments Add yours

  1. Reading projects are always fun, but I don’t think I have ever read a magazine back to back (despite the fact I have read hundreds of books!).

    1. Karina Tumon says:

      I’ve never done a reading project before so this will be a test of my discipline. Magazine should be fun and easy. Books take a little longer to complete.

    1. Karina Tumon says:

      Thank you! Watch this space for the coming reviews….

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