Book review: Fifty shades of Grey by E.L. James

So here’s my second book review for this school term (by the way Tasmania has reverted to a 4 term year, which means I have an even shorter time to complete my reading project!). But we’ll see. There’s still time yet.

I remembered this book being all the rage last year ~ people posted about it on Facebook and Twitter. I took little notice but I was still interested enough that I reserved a copy at my local public library, which took months to get to me as it was that popular!


Ok let me start at the end. And that’s just it – it wasn’t the end of the book at all. I was disappointed to find out that this one is part of a trilogy. Do you mean to say that there are more boring explicit stuff to come? No thanks. The only thing that kept me reading this to the end was because of the sex scenes. Yes I know how low can I be right? But that’s just it, the author used the best marketing ploy ever – sex sells! I mean without the sex, the book is poorly written, the characters are two-dimensional, unrealistic and clichéd and it has a weak plot. Don’t worry though I didn’t completely waste my time reading this rubbish, I read it while I watered the garden. Of course instead of repeating what other people have said about this book, you can check out other reviews on Amazon and Goodreads as they are pretty much on the same wave length as mine.

But then again erotica is probably a genre that I could get into. Apparently, there are some really great authors like:

So some juicy reading ahead then…

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  1. I read the first book during the day, and it kind of went like this:
    “Hmm. *blush* I wonder if I should really be reading this while the kids are awake.”
    …then I got to a part where Christian is staring at Anastasia as she’s getting out of the shower, and he says “It’s a real pleasure to just stand here and stare at you”, at which point the series became a joke. No man says that to the woman he’s screwing. If the Mister said that to me, I’d think he was out of his damn mind.

    For isht and giggles, I read the other two, but it went like this:
    *flip flip* Ooo! plot line! Oh, they’re screwing again…*flip flip* here’s a plot paragr-nope, more of the same description of the same sex…*flipflipflipflipflipflip*

    You get the idea. I like erotica, even BDSM reading once in a great while…if it’s done right. Fifty Shades of Grey originated as a Twilight Fanfiction, and it shows. Anastasia Steele is Bella Swan in all but name, and Christian Grey is written the same way that everyone on writes a BDSM Edward. Yuck. No thanks, lol. I crave originality.

    1. Karina Tumon says:

      Well I’m glad I won’t be reading the next two books. Sounds like the same as the first one but a lot more repetition. So what happened at the end? Did they end up getting married?

      1. For the life of me, I can’t remember. If they did, they probably desecrated the church by consummating the union two paragraphs later lol.

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