Speed book reviewing

I swear I’ve read a hundred books since I reviewed my last read here! Yes I know, I’ve been slack with my reading project – I have read but just not written anything about them. Ok, so here’s what I call my speed book review whereby I will try and remember the books I’ve read since last year and write one to two sentences about them. Here goes!

The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien – Not sure about Tolkien’s writing but enjoyed this nevertheless. I’d prefer Peter Jackson’s version though.

(photo courtesy of en.wikipedia.org0
The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien (photo courtesy of en.wikipedia.org)


The Hunger Games (all three volumes) by Suzanne Collins – the first part was great (original idea full of action pack stuff) but the last two volumes just felt ‘forced’ and ‘waffled-on’. The movie version wasn’t any better either.

(photo courtesy of kpbs.org/)
(photo courtesy of kpbs.org/)


The hundred year old man who climbed out of the window and disappeared by Jonas Jonasson – I enjoyed this (probably because I was in the tropics holidaying when I read it). Full of references to world history.

(photo courtesy of thehollywoodnews.com)
(photo courtesy of thehollywoodnews.com)


All good things – A memoir by Sarah Turnbull – read this when we returned back to Australia. In some weird way (I don’t usually read memoirs) I liked finding out about Sarah Turnbull’s life in Tahiti. Makes me want to visit Tahiti one day.

(photo courtesy of booktopia.com)
(photo courtesy of booktopia.com)


The Rainbow Troops by Andrea Hirata – coincided reading this with the ‘One hundred year old man…’ book (above) and enjoyed it tremendously as well. I cried because I was happy for the children. Such a triumphant story.

(photo courtesy of adelaidefestival.com.au)
(photo courtesy of adelaidefestival.com.au)


What! I can only remember 5 books. Surely there have been more! Anyway, serves me right for not keeping up with my reading project. Ok, ok I promise to review as soon as I’ve finished a book.

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