Reading project 2015 – Gone Girl #1

The book ‘Gone Girl‘ by Gillian Flynn took me about 2 weeks to read and not one day as some claimed they have. Ha! I didn’t think it was riveting enough to spend a whole day sitting on my ass reading this rubbish. Here’s how I felt during the reading experience:

  • Bored (slow, what’s going on here? C’mon pace this up please!)
  • Annoyed (who loses a job and just mopes about and feeling sorry for yourself? Not me! I’d start looking for work right away if I got laid off especially if my family depended on my income – jeez!)
  • Hurried (now the ‘truth’ is finally getting revealed – reading pace is getting faster)
  • Disappointed (where’s the twist I was expecting?? Lies, lies, lies! I knew exactly how it was going to end. Really! Any of Agatha Christie books would have toppled this lame book over)

So…overall, plenty of modern day references, cliches and weird relationships. Now to see if the movie is exactly the same…..good grief!

Gone Girl, photo courtesy of IMBD
Gone Girl, photo courtesy of IMBD

NOTE: I hope this is the first book of the 12 books I’m aiming to read this year. Back to my reading project…yet again.



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