Another long pause…

Yikes! Another long pause in between blog entries. Sorry about that folks. I’ve been busy trying to get my hands on entrepreneurship. Yes I am in the process (creating artwork/crafts; organising market stalls and creating a website/online shop from scratch – well sort of – WordPress kinda helps me a bit) of selling my handcrafted products. Read more about it here:

BUT of course this blog is not about my entrepreneurial endeavours. This blog is about the ins and outs of my professional life as a librarian and anything related to information, learning and technology.

I am currently in between contracts. Now that Mr6 has started Prep I am now starting to look for some part-time work. Who knows? I might even branch out in the field of research, information literacy or information technology. In the meantime, I’ll knock on some doors and see where my foot (feet?) land(s)!

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