Reading Project 2016 – The Wolf Border #4

The first thing I noticed when I started reading this book was the dialogues weren’t written with quotations marks (“..”). So you had to work out who was speaking at the time. But you catch on. I did. And if I could, anyone could.

I also like how the author (Sarah Hall) writes – she uses plenty of adjectives and long words (ie. words that I have not heard before but sounds nice) in succinct sentences to describe things and convey meanings. So my reading experience was enhanced because of her writing style.

So written format aside let me talk about the plot without giving too much away. Oh wait. Maybe you have to close your eyes for this one – I got fired up at the end so there is a spoiler alert here. Sorry.

So basically the story is about a British woman name Rachel Caine who for the last 10 years has been working with wolves on an Idaho reservation in the USA. She then gets offered work to raise grey wolves at this rich man’s HUGE land in the English countryside – Cumbria, where she was born and raised. There she gets excited about raising, protecting and looking after the wolves; gets in touch again with her half brother Lawrence; gives birth to a baby; begins a relationship with the local vet; and then eventually loses the pack of wolves to the Scottish highlands. Argh! What’s with that?

Ok, so I like the story up to when they lost the wolves. I just found that a bit too abrupt. There was no hint in the story that, that was going to happen. And Rachel just accepted the whole thing as if yeah that’s ok – just let the wolves roam around the Scottish highlands now. Whatever. I felt kinda cheated actually. She should have made a fight because I think she has quite a strong character. Then the ending didn’t feel like a proper ending at all. The story just ended with her on the plane with her baby Charlie on the way to the USA to meet his biological father. So what happened? How did his father react? Were we suppose to just guess what happened? Or is there a sequel? Argh! I don’t like it when stories end like that!

Overall though, I enjoyed the book. I hope you do too – now that I’ve given most of it away. Oops!


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