Reading Project 2016 – Today Will Be Different #11

It’s funny (no not haha funny) but I am currently having a writer’s block as I write this book review. I don’t know why because I really enjoyed reading this new book by Maria Semple so it shouldn’t be a problem right? Anyway, Today Will Be Different is a hilarious and witty account of a day in the life of the main character Eleanor Flood. I can certainly relate to her antics being a mum to a young child in her late 40’s.

So a bit about the story without giving much away. It’s about a woman name Eleanor Flood who is a former cartoonist from New York city now living in Seattle with her surgeon husband, Joe Wallace and their son Timby (he was named by an iPhone). The story actually happens in one day – the day that Eleanor would like it to be different. And as it happens her wish might just come true.

Since the story happens in a day, the story keeps going in a fast paced momentum although I find the section about her sister Ivy and her marriage to Bucky a little too slow and unnecessary. In fact, I don’t think the reader needs to know about Ivy at all. It certainly doesn’t do anything to Eleanor’s character (nothing was resolved) or add to how and why the day’s event unfolded the way it has.

Overall though, a great read. A page turner! The only thing I would change is the city where the story is set in. Semple used the same scenes and school (Galer Street School) from Where’d you Go Bernadette. Don’t get me wrong, Seattle is probably a cool city to live in but I feel like I’ve been there before.

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