Reading Project 2017 – Letters to a Young Writer #9

“Go to the library” and “Don’t be a dick!” are two of my favourite advice from Colum McCann‘s thoughtful book. This is not one of those books that give you technical know-how on what to write, how to create plots or writing exercises to get the creative juices going. It’s more like a literary journey ~ a way of the writer ~ or the Zen art of writing ~ or something similar ~ you get my drift?

Even though I’m not a novelist or planning to be one, I like this book. I think mainly because I can apply some of his teachings to my other creative pursuits. I mean I also write but I think his targeted audience is the novel/fiction writer. Certainly though there’s no reason why it has to be limited to that group. So I suggest you go read it.

The only thing I found irritating (and perhaps condescending) was that he kept referring to the third person as a she! She is God;  what is her first memory?; what does her handwriting look like? ~ see what I mean?

In saying that, this is a great inspirational read especially for those upcoming and maybe seasoned writers. By the way, the ‘young writers’ McCann refers to in this book are not age specific – a young writer could be 7 or 97 years old!

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