Reading Project 2018 – The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle #4

I heard about this book before it got released in March this year! The concept is fantastic and original. From the author’s own words: “…it’s a time-travelling, body-hopping, murder-mystery book”. Excellent I thought! I immediately ordered it from my library and didn’t have to wait that long either as I was one of the first few people on the waiting list!

So what’s this book about? Well, without giving anything away, it’s like ground hog day with a dash of English murder. The beginning is intriguing. We, the reader, don’t know who Sebastain Bell is and why he is so scared. Did he actually witness a murder? Who helped him out of the woods? As the story continues, we realise that Bell is not exactly who he is. He is someone else! Ta da! For the next eight days, the same day will repeat itself and this ‘someone’ will embody eight different characters in order to find out who the killer of Evelyn Hardcastle is.

This is great…the story is coming along well. Then. Suddenly about three quarters of the way I kinda lost interest.  The excitement and zing just went out of me. I feel the story somehow deviated – the author Stuart Turton introduced a totally new concept towards the end – I feel cheated. I must admit though, I’m not sure how he was going to explain the body-hopping phenomenon. His explanation is plausible but I just don’t buy it. Probably because the story just goes on a tad too long. Perhaps Evelyn just needed to die 5 times in order to find out who murdered her.

Overall though, it’s quite an original and clever story. A must read!


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