Reading Project 2018 – The Element #9

Follow your passion. Be creative. Be in the zone. Think differently. Find your tribe. These are just some of the premises of Ken Robinson’s book, The Element. Oh, and he also has a dig at the current school system and how it sux, outdated and needs uphauling. According to Robinson, there are three features of this current one-size-fits-all educational system that undervalues our own unique talents and abilities:

  1. the system is preoccupied with words and numbers
  2. hierarchy of subjects
  3. heavy reliance on particular types of assessments (standardised tests)

The book highlights and outlines uplifting stories of people who have followed their passion and became successful in their chosen vocation.

One of my work colleagues commented to me that although she loves this book and Ken Robinson, she feels and believes that Robinson does not give suggestions on how schools could improve or become institutions that foster creativity and identify natural talent within young people. On the contrary, I think he does. He says that schools:

  • should be child-centred when creating the policy and curriculum
  • to take the Reggio approach
  • should inspire children to learn by connecting their lessons to their place in the world
  • emphasize the arts as a way of teaching a wide variety of disciplines within the curriculum

This is quite an uplifting book and something that people should read – especially parents, educators and policymakers. I highly recommend it!


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