9-month hiatus

It’s been 9 months since I posted on Smarty Squid. Been travelling, working and all that. So I’m back and will be posting some book reviews and library visits very soon.

What else would you like me to write here?

Actually, I’ve been thinking a lot about work in my current industry, maybe I could write something about that because believe you me, there is so much juicy content and stories I could tell! Maybe I’ll write a murder mystery set in the library where everyone DIES except for the evil cat. Or has that already been done? Haha! One day!

Anyway, wouldn’t it be fun to figure out what my next profession would be? BTW, the main aim is not be famous or make loads of money. You know just enough so I could eat food and have a roof over my head. Here are some of my thoughts:


Recently, I’ve been watching Forged in Fire and it’s inspired me to become a blacksmith. Mind you, I don’t have the upper body strength for this kind of work but I think the strength will come with the job. I won’t need much money to set up my own workshop. It’s quite a creative line of work and I probably would specialise in designing and making knives, jewellery (that also acts as lethal weapons) and axes with cool handles.

Book writer

I’m a slow writer but depending on the subject/topic, this might be fun. I could start on a series of library murder mysteries where I get to kill off a lot of characters and the evil talking cat in cahoots with the devil solves the mystery and always celebrates with a cup of tea and a walk to the park. Ha! That sounds totally exciting and downright original, right? Not! But hey give me time, it might get better.


I’ve always loved maths and doing formulas when I was at school. Such a nerd really. But I don’t want to go to Uni – what a rip-off place. I’ll teach myself. I don’t mind the thinking part of this vocation but this involves a lot of sitting on my ass which I’m trying to get away from.


The Catholic type not the Buddhist type, although I’m not picky. Either of those will do. I already have the temperament, character and discipline. But if I want to truly challenge and test my true character then I think I will lean towards the Buddhist type. I’d become a true vegetarian then. Ha! But what do I know?!

Anyway, that’ll do for now. I need to start writing on my book reviews and library visits.

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