Book Review – A world without Email

Are you in the knowledge industry and love reading and replying to a plethora of emails when you’re at work? Well, if you do this book isn’t for you. This book is about re-imagining and finding more efficient, focused and less stressful ways of being productive in your professional life without the bombardment of emails. Cal Newport, the author describes our current workflow as the ‘hyperactive hive mind’ and suggests alternative and practical workflows for individual workers, businesses and organisations.

I nodded a lot as I read through this book especially the part when Newport outlines why email reduces productivity and how emails make us miserable – his argument all backed with credible research. But more importantly, he offers practical solutions on how we can get away from all of these. There are things you can do as an individual worker if your organisation isn’t ready to shift to a more focused workflow. A must-read for those who are sick of not getting their work done because they are constantly managing their inbox!

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