Book Review – Moominsummer Madness

Ok this might be the last Moomin book I’ll read for now. I’ve truly enjoyed reading some of the books for young children written by Tove Jansson.

So what is this story about? Well, it was summertime in Moominvalley and we again meet our Moomin family. It was quite a HOT summer and a nearby volcano was currently erupting. One night a HUGE wave swept over Moominvalley and there was a big flood. Luckily, the Moomin’s house was high and they managed to stay dry but not for long as the water was rising higher. Still, they were positive and optimistic that things will be fine. Eventually, they moved to a floating ‘haunted house’ (but it turned out to be a floating theatre), Moomintroll and the Snork Maiden were left behind on a tree branch (they had their own adventure afterward!) and LittleMy fell off the water and ended up with Snufkin! The good news was they were all reunited via a Midsummer play performed on the floating theatre.

I love this story. I think Jansson was also using Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream play to intertwine with this Moominvalley summer tale. This is such a delightful story to read for yourself and to your children. I highly recommend it!

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