Book Review – Good Omens

I read this during our recent road trip to the Northern Territory and South Australia. As we were busy hopping on and off to places the only time I could read was at night time. Even then, I only read for a few minutes as I was usually exhausted from all the day’s activities. So yeah it took me five weeks to finish this book.

I think I picked up this book up from the FREE BOOKS display at the Port Augusta Public Library. I liked the cover and I have heard of the authors (Terry Prachett and Neil Gaiman – who hasn’t?). The story is basically about Armageddon gone wrong and told in a very funny way. My favourite characters are the angels – Aziraphale (good) and Crowley (bad) – they’re actually friends. And I also like Anathema, the practical occultist but I love all of them!

In the course of reading this book, I accidentally found out that this story has been made into a tv show and is popular among people who do cos play. I don’t find that surprising at all. Anyway, as soon as we got back to Hobart, I borrowed the DVD from our local library and watched it. It was hillarious as the book.

Anyway, this is another highly recommended book from me!

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