Library Visit 2021 – Clare Library

This was the library where I became a member of the South Australia public library network. That meant I could borrow items (hard copies and digital) anywhere around South Australia (SA) even though I wasn’t a SA resident. Fantastic!

Date of visit: 22 September 2021

Features: At the time of the visit, the library was housed in a small but lovely old-style building (ground floor). It felt a little dark in the foyer area though. It offered contemporary library collection and service to the community of Clare and its surroundings. The collection looked brand new. There were 7 PCs but due to COVID, only half of that number was available for use. It was interesting to see that their reserve shelves were tiny, which probably made sense as it only served a small community. Or maybe not many people knew about the service? Speaking of service, the library offered digital classes to seniors and a teen book club. There were also toilet facilities, ramp and a children’s dedicated area.

Overall Impression: I like this quaint little library. It could have been a little brighter in the foyer area but apart from that, it’s worth a visit!

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