Library Visit 2021 – State Library of South Australia

I actually wanted to visit the Art Gallery of South Australia but somehow navigated myself to the State Library of South Australia instead. Good move too as I actually enjoyed spending my time here.

Date of visit: 26 September 2021

Features: Here are a few of the library’s features that are worth mentioning.

Front of Building and Entrance

I loved the glass front of the building of this state library. And I was surprised to find that it was open on a Sunday (10am-5pm). The library cafe which was located in the foyer of the library wasn’t open though.

The George French Angas Exhibition

At the time of the visit, the George French Angas exhibition was on. I really enjoyed reading about and looking at the art of this English migrant, explorer, naturalist, artist and poet. He captured many of the earliest views of the South Australian landscape and people.

The Mortlock Wing

I was captivated at the first sight of the Mortlock Library. I felt like I stepped back in time to the 7th wonder of world libraries. The photo below was taken on the middle level of this library. I’m not actually sure what kind of books were housed there but it seemed like it was used for a quiet area by what looked like students studying.

The Reference Section

Ok here was the space that I really wanted to use as there were PCs available for use by the public. This area was staffed. I spoke to one of these library staff to check if the Angas prints were available in their online collection. But I was surprised that they didn’t know. They were helpful though and suggested that I could have a look at the book that coincided with the collection. They had a look at their website to see but to no avail. Sigh.

Overall Impression: I enjoyed visiting this library and reading about the history of South Australia, especially on the ground level of the Mortlock Library. I wish I had more time though to look at all the other areas or had someone give me a proper tour. Perhaps next time.

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