Book Review – How to Kidnap the Rich

Before we left for our road trip last year, I heard the presenters of the RN Bookshelf discuss this book by Rahul Raina. I immediately reserved this at my local library. Although, I only got to read it after we got back from our 3.5 months road trip.

So what is this book about? Well, it’s a story set in Delhi, India about Ramesh Kumar who came from a working-class family but somehow managed to educate himself through the help of a nun. Through twists and turns he ends up being an ‘Examination Consultant’ where he takes tests for the children of the elite. One of his clients, Rudi Saxena comes first in a national exam and becomes a celebrity and a TV show host. Ramesh becomes Rudi’s manager and together they get to know each other even if it meant being kidnapped by the Rich of India.

I like the easy-to-read, raw and fast-paced story-telling of this book. It’s funny and gives the western world a view of the huge gap between the rich and the poor of India. The ending felt rushed though but overall I enjoyed reading this book. Highly recommended!


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