Library Visit 2021 – Naracoorte Public Library

Date of Visit: 15 October 2021

Features: The library offers contemporary library resources and services and is part of the South Australia Public Library Network. The library has PCs for the public to use, magazines, books and puzzles were available for lending. There were also free books for clients to grab but also books available for sale. There was also a history room in the library.

Overall Impression: This has been the least favourite library I have visited in South Australia. I did not have a very good experience. The positive was, that at the time of the visit they held a hard copy of Kazuo Ishiguro’s Klara and the Sun, which I immediately borrowed. Here are some of the reasons why I thought the library experience wasn’t that great:

  • It felt messy and disorganised as soon as you walked in
  • Library staff at the time was not excited about her job (demeanour or tone of voice when she served customers) or the fact that they will be getting a new spanking library very soon (I had a chat with her so I know she wasn’t that thrilled about it)
  • Puzzles are stacked and shelved on the floor
  • Couch is disgusting with missing cushions

You know if this was my library, I could have at least tidied up and cleaned up even if the building and furniture were old. It’s just having pride in the workspace. Also, this is a public space and it’s important that libraries give an inviting, welcoming and safe place for their clients and visitors.

Up to you if you want to visit the library now if you’re in the vicinity or want to borrow books. But I’d probably wait when the new library is built. It’s going to look very nice and then maybe the library staff will feel happier working there!


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