Library Visit 2021 – Murray Bridge Library

Date of Visit: 19 October 2021

Features: This library was built/opened in 2011 but feels very brand new and it’s a member of the South Australia Public Library Network.

It’s spacious and there are plenty of spaces to sit and read, study and chill out. There’s even a kitchenette facility and a coffee machine. I love the library display shelves and this is another library that uses DVD cases to protect its CD collection. Their DVD collection is enormous! There is an after-hours chute where you scan your book first and then you put it through the chute. I want one for my library! There is a toy library and at the time of the visit, there was currently a LEGO session in the library.

There are 12 public PCs but due to COVID, only 8 were available at the time of the visit. There are also meeting rooms that the community could hire and there are study bays for quiet work/studying.

The staff (2-3 roaming around) are friendly and helpful. I enquired about the book Dune but wasn’t available and the staff asked if I wanted to reserve it.

Overall Impression: I love this library! I’m surprised that it’s a fairly big-sized library considering the town only has 18 000 people in it. It’s worth a visit though if you’re in the vicinity or visiting the town.


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