Library Visit 2021 – Renmark Public Library

We were just in Berri the day before and here we are onto another library visit, this time in Renmark, South Australia. Renmark is another holiday town on the banks of the Murray River.

Date of Visit: 27 October 2021

Features: This is a small library serving the community of Remark of about 4000 people or so. It’s also a member of the South Australia public library network.

At the time of the visit, there were 3 public PCs available for use and one friendly staff on the floor. Although, I did notice one popped out into the library space. There’s a good (but not large) collection of items for lending. There’s a dedicated children’s area with a strange Hansel and Gretel house incorporated into it.

In regards to the space, I found the entrance/foyer a little strange. It has benches along the windows and a huge doughnut-shaped sofa in the middle.

Overall Impression: It’s an ok library. It provides users contemporary library services. I just found the space a bit ‘dead’ and ‘blah’ though. The way things were put together inside the library just didn’t make sense to me. It felt like someone who’s never been to a library decided and said one day: “hey this here’s an empty building let’s put it here!” If the decision-makers are reading this, I suggest that they do UX (user experience) research to their library space.


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