Library Visit 2023 – Katoomba Library

This would be the first library I have visited for 2023. This was during my recent trip to Canberra taking my son to Katoomba to see the Blue Mountains.

Date of Visit: Thursday 19 January 2023. It was a misty and drizzly day when I visited the Katoomba Library. I actually wanted to do some bushwalking but didn’t plan to walk in the rain so I decided to buy a raincoat in town. Being a small town, the library is in the vicinity of the main commercial area.

Features: This is a well-stocked contemporary public library and it looks spanking brand new. There are two floors with a youth lounge, PCs/printing service and DVD/cd sections upstairs. There are plenty of natural lights and it’s situated in the cultural centre of Katoomba.

The kids’ section is in the middle of the first floor and it’s quite roomy with plenty of soft seating around. I like the instructions for scanning and photocopying available to library users.

There were two staff at the time of the visit seated at the information desk.

Overall Impression: I really like the spaciousness and newness of this library. It’s worth a visit if you’re in the vicinity.


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