Book Review – Halo – Cryptum

I borrowed this book by Greg Bear 3 months ago and it’s taken me only this time to finish it. I actually didn’t know about Halo. I just liked the cover when it arrived in my library as a new item. So I borrowed it. As I started reading it, I found more about Halo. It’s a shooter video game created by Microsoft. There is also a TV series. I am so behind. Anyway, this book is about the Forerunners – an advanced race in this made-up world.

This book is the first of a three-part series of the story of the Forerunners. The story starts with a Manipular (a young Forerunner not yet fully mutated and at this stage he has no name – he will eventually be called Bornstellar) and he is from the Builder rate (Forerunners are made up of three levels of society). He likes adventures and has sought the help of two humans called Chakas and Riser. These humans are not formed like we know them today and they are considered low forms in this world. Forerunners are also human form but VERY different – very tall, flat-faced and wear armours called ancillas (AIs). Through the help of the two humans, this Manipular has opened a cryptum and brought back to life the Didact (a Warrior-Servant). Anyway, from here on the story of the Forerunners unfold.

I enjoyed reading this and even though I didn’t know much about the Halo world. It was great to learn their (Forerunners) history so yes highly recommended especially for those who are familiar with the Halo story.

POST SCRIPT: As I have only come across the author via reading this book, I have discovered that Greg Bear is an award-winning author and has written more than 30 books (mostly science fiction covering themes of galactic conflict, parallel universes, consciousness and cultural practices, and accelerated evolution). I also just found out that Greg Bear has died recently. So sad.


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