Book Review – Sapiens, Vols 1 and 2

I came across the first volume while working (that’s what happens when you work in a public library). My first thought when I checked it out was that my son would love to read this book. I’ve read Harari’s Sapiens non-fiction book five years ago. This has similar content but in a graphic novel format. But it turns out that my son (who is 13 years old) was not interested in reading it. Gasp! So instead this became my breakfast read. I loved it! This format is ideal for readers who are more visual. The drawings and speech bubbles make the subject matter easier and more fun to read.

So the first volume delves into how the human species have evolved on earth from the very beginning – thousands and thousands and thousands (maybe even 2.5 million) of years ago (I know scientific and precise right? Those are my words by the way…). Did you know there were 6 human species back then? But Homo Sapiens won the evolution game! Fascinating!

  • Homo Erectus
  • Homo Neandertahlensis
  • Homo Luzonensis
  • Homo Denisova
  • Homo Sapiens (us!)
  • Homo Floresiensis
Images of the different human species
Image from Harari’s book – Sapiens – A graphic history

The first volume goes on how Homo Sapiens invented stories in order to get other Sapiens to cooperate and then they became intercontinental serial killers (they were very bad environmentalists). After reading the first volume, I thought that was it. I was so glad there was a second volume to this! So I immediately reserved it from my library.

The second volume is all about our species building civilizations again continuing on with lies and myths to control us! Oh but there was a sneaky plant (a grass in fact) that tricked Homo Sapiens and enslaved humankind! It was the wheat and the start of the agricultural revolution. D’oh! What a bunch of idiots we were (and still are!).

I am hoping there’s a third volume to come. I’ll have to hang out for it. Anyway, two great books that I highly recommend even though I didn’t search out to read them at first. Of course, I love serendipity moments!


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