Book Review – The God Equation

Ok you might say that I’m an armchair physicist before I read this book by Michio Kaku. It was one of the new arrivals at my library and I was quickly drawn into it. The cover didn’t even look like a physics book nor did the title – The God Equation. Maybe the word ‘equation’ would have given the reader a clue but not really. The word ‘God’ precedes your thinking of what this book will be about. And that of course depends on your religious upbringing or not. I was born Catholic but don’t practice this faith. Even so I decided to check the book out and take it home. Oh and one more thing, I’ve never heard of the author but when I looked at his photo at the back of the book, I immediately recognised him. I’ve seen him in the news and in astronomy/physics/science documentaries. So yes from the start, there were already a lot of surprising things about this book. Now time to read and review!

Now you would think that a book (mostly text with some mathematical diagrams) about physics would be boring and mind-boggling. To many people (maybe I’m biased and being judgemental), physics and physicists are just too hard to understand and feel that they don’t have a place in their everyday lives. But this book is not scary at all. Kaku writes about physics in a way that everyday folk could easily understand. And yet he doesn’t talk down to you. He wants to make sure that you understand what he’s saying. This is not an academic book at all and it doesn’t teach you mathematical formulas. Although Kaku mentions a few mostly from scientists like Einstein and Hawking. And he talks about quantum physics, which I find fascinating because this is the basis of our everyday things such as the internet, computers/smartphones, MRI and GPS.

Anyway, another highly recommended book from me. Enjoy!


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