Book Review – Time Wise

This has been a very handy read and it came at a time when I was starting a new a role at another department.

It’s a collection of time hacks and strategies that you could apply at work but could also be applied in your personal life.

I like Imber’s writing style – relatable, humourous and flowing. She uses a well-used but successful formula where she writes about what other successful individuals have done in their work life through her interviews with them in her How I Work podcast.

She suggests that you don’t have to do everything outlined in this book. You just have to pick one or two strategies and see if they work in your professional life. Well, I picked the strategies below and will apply them at work:

  • Treat your emails like your laundry (ie. batching)
  • Create a system rather than goal-setting
  • Batch meetings in the afternoons or in one day
  • Saying no to coffee meetings
  • Stop doing something in the middle – a strategy that will help you get back to it easily the following day

There are others of course but I’ll let you know how I go with these first. Then I’ll reborrow the book from the library. This is a must-read book if you want to find out how you could improve your productivity and achieve more in less time!


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