Book Review – Impossible

When this book was ready to be picked up from my library, I had forgotten why I reserved it. Then I started reading it and yes I did remember eventually. I was doing some research on multiverses in fiction. The other book I’ve read with the same subject matter was The World Between Blinks, which was a junior fiction. Anyway, today I am reviewing the book Impossible by Sarah Lotz.

This is a love story (I know, I know, I normally avoid romance books) between Nick and Bee, who initially meet via email. When they are about to see each other in person at a train station in London, that’s when things get a little weird. That’s also the time when I gasped and thought “what, what?”. So of course I had to keep reading to find out. There were many nights that I slept past midnight just reading to see what happens between these two. I was hooked and yes it was a page-turner! The only thing that I think could have made this book even better was it could have been shorter. The last quarter was just waffle I thought. Nevertheless, I enjoyed reading it. Highly recommended! A great summer or holiday read!


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