Library Visit 2021 – Bordertown Library

Did you know Bordertown was where Bob Hawke (23rd prime minister of Australia) was born? There’s a display and a tiny museum of him in the building where the Bordertown Library is situated. This is the last town we visited in South Australia.

Date of Visit: Multiple visits but the official date (when I took the photos) was 11 November 2021.

Features: This is a small library but offers contemporary library resources and services including an after-hours return chute. Surprising actually, for a small town of 3095 people. The library space is split into two levels, the bottom half being where the non-fiction books and magazines are. It has a lovely tinted window on the bottom level. It looks like it might have been a church (or a theatre?) once upon a time and is now converted into a library. I do like the upper level because it’s brighter. There are PCs available and this was in demand, especially for the grey nomads applying for their COVID-19 border permits. I watched the 1984 version of Dune on one of the PCs.

Overall Impression: If you’re bored, this is definitely worth a visit and a great place to keep going to as there isn’t much to do in this town.


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