Library Visit 2021 – Victor Harbor Library

This is not our first time visiting Victor Harbor but our first time visiting its library and we weren’t disappointed. It has a lovely, airy and spacious feel to it. The library is worth a visit if you’re in the vicinity.

Date of Visit: 8 November 2021

Features: This is a council-run public library situated on the outskirts of town. It is also part of the South Australia Public Library Network. It’s a quite new library and there is plenty of natural light coming through from the huge windows.

The shelving is quite neat and I like the way the Graphic Novels and Junior Non-Fiction are shelved (see below).

The holds/reserve section is quite big compared to some of the libraries I’ve recently visited. Must be due to the high percentage of retirees in this town – a population of 16 139 (2021) with a median age of 60 (data from ABS). At the time of the visit, there were 3-4 staff on the floor – an elderly man shelving and 2 staff (in their 30’s / 40’s) on the front desk. The staff were friendly.

There are two meeting rooms that I could see – one being used. There are also desks for quiet study. Check out the pop-out power points (left image below)! There are also public PCs available for use.

There is a dedicated children’s area. I like the nautical theme. There are books for sale available situated at the front of the library and run by the Friends of the Library. There is a Swap Box – I like this idea where members of the community could swap their books and magazines. 3D printing is available and puzzles for lending. There is also an after-hours return chute bin available outside.

Overall Impression: I like the feel of this library. Check it out if you’re visiting the seaside town of Victor Harbor.


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