Library Visit 2021 – Barmera Public Library

Barmera is a small town in South Australia in the Riverland region. It has a famous freshwater lake called Lake Bonney and you could have surfed on it when the town had a dust storm one afternoon. We were going to do a bike ride but thought it would be safer to stay in our caravan that afternoon.

Date of Visit: 29 October 2021

Features: The library feels small but contains contemporary library resources. It’s situated on the main street of the town. It feels like one of the shops along the street. In fact, it just reminds me of a Vinnie’s shop at the entrance and the foyer. There’s a dummy of an old lady on a chair at the front of the shop. She’s meant to be Margaret Tomkin the first librarian in the Barmera Hotel Incorporated Library of 1936.

At the time of the visit, the library was celebrating its 60th year in its current location. The library staff gave us some cupcakes!

The library has a history room (which I think could be used as a meeting room) and kitchen facilities/toilets at the back. There’s also a children’s area and about four public PCs. The audiobooks and large prints are in the foyer (on the left wall as you walk in), probably to cater to the elderly clients (no need for them to walk up the ramp or the steps). It has one self-checkout machine.

Overall Impression: This is an ok library. Space-wise, it’s a bit tight but if you’re just after books and other library consumption it serves the purpose.


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