Reading Project 2015 – The Langoliers (1st story from Four Past Midnight) #10

Well better late than never. I was meant to post this last month but alas life “busyness” took over instead.

Anyway, I cheated a bit because I haven’t actually read this whole book by Stephen King. I bought this paperback Four Past Midnight years ago when all I wanted to read was anything written by America’s literary bogeyman. Then I got over him and sadly the book just sat on the bookshelf collecting dust and memories.

I guess the main reason I picked it up again was because we were going away on a road trip for five weeks (5 weeks!) to the mainland (what Tasmanians call the big island up north – aka Australia) and the books I wanted to read from the library were all popular and needed to be returned within 3 weeks. I was in fact reading and salivating on a good story called The Wolf Border by Sarah Hall just before we left but would you believe some other bookworm wanted to read it as well! Aah can’t win! So of course I had to return it or I’ll get fined big time. I should have borrowed it in my child’s card (as he doesn’t get fined EVER!). So I grabbed Mr Stephen’s book off the shelf (because it’s mine and I don’t have to worry about paying a fine while we were on holidays) in the hope that it will entertain me at night inside a tent plonked in the middle of nowhere – far away from civilization. Ha! Oh by the way… that an axe murderer slashing our tent? Aargh!!

Seriously though…it wasn’t that scary. The Langoliers, which is the first story from this collection of 4 short stories, was in fact quite enjoyable (although predictable) to read. Mr King’s introduction to the story made me think it had something to do with ghosts but really he was lying. There were no ghosts – just some methaphysical stuff (think of Green Mile) with a touch of science fiction (think of Dr Who and time travelling). Anyway, I won’t give the whole story away, just think of aeoroplanes and quantum theories. Oh and I just found out that the story has been made into a mini series. Oh my god it shows a piranha mouth about to gobble you up! Wow I never envisioned that when I was reading it! Now that would be fun to watch. Ha!

Four Past Midnight by Stephen King
Four Past Midnight by Stephen King


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