Reading Project 2015 – Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew – The Halloween Hoax #11

A change of pace for this month’s reading project. On our regular visit to the public library I decided to go to the junior section, where Mr6 usually frequents to pick his weekly reading and viewing. In there, I picked up this book by Carolyn Keene. It’s part of the Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew mystery series aimed at children (well girls really) aged 6-9 years old.

I think I’ve heard of Nancy Drew but not the Clue Crew. Or maybe I’m just getting her confused with another literary character I once knew and grown to love in the 1980’s called Trixie Belden. She was an American teenager who solved mysteries – and really cool ones too. Well I think Nancy Drew is the same except as I said previously, this series is aimed at 6-9 year olds.

So I flicked and browsed at the pages and discovered that it is nothing like Trixie Belden at all! It looked really EASY to read (I read it on 2 hours) and the plot was simple: something ‘mysterious’ happened in Nancy Drew’s world and she and her crew have to solve it! I also thought it was predictable and boring. But then again I’m not a tween. But if I was, would I actually like it? Maybe, maybe not. It all depends on how broad my knowledge is and whether that’s the type of book I like. I’m thinking from a girl’s point of view of course. But overall, it’s an easy book to read (I won’t bother you with what it’s all about as it seems pretty obvious from the title). And, if it makes children interested in reading – I’m all for it!


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