Reading Project 2017 – Dark Matter #3

I was excited but also reluctant when this book was recommended to me by a colleague. Excited because it’s been years (like more than 30 years) since I’ve read any ghost stories (the first novel I read in Australia was a ghost story!); and reluctant because as I got older, ghost stories got scarier especially if I read them at night. Yikes! Nevertheless, I braved Dark Matter by Michelle Paver and I’m glad I did!

Ok so the story….(without giving anything away I hope)…is about a group of Uni graduates on an expedition in the Arctic – in Norway to be specific – a place called Gruhuken (fictitious) where they would do scientific observations (biology, meteorology etc). Set in the 1930’s, the characters had ‘modern’ technology (wireless, icebreaker etc) to keep them safe and sane during the the dark winter. But it is not only the climate and season that is dark and cold – there is another dark matter that lurks around Gruhuken. And Jack Miller is determined (or is he foolishly brave?) to find out what it wants!

A highly recommended book but be warned – do not read it at night alone! Aaaahhh!!!

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