Reading Project 2017 – The Good People #4

Take a look at the cover of this book and notice that the author’s name is in a bigger font than the title. Is it just me being anal or is there some kind of a subliminal message here? Is it because Hannah Kent is now quite the star that she is after her successful debut novel Burial Rites? In fact, in the public library I work in (and I’m sure that this is a similar situation in most public libraries in the country) only bought a small number of The Good People. They weren’t sure how popular she would be this time around. But alas she was again on demand. And when an author is on demand, the library must supply.

Ok so what about the plot? Well without giving anything away, here’s the gist of the story….set in Ireland in the 1800’s – it’s a story of a community torn between spiritual and institutional (scientific?) beliefs. That’s it! I like the subject matter- fairy folks, spiritual, supernatural and so on but I don’t like it as much as her first book.  I didn’t feel there was any kind of resolution at the end. What did Kent believe in? Is there some truth and credibility to the fairy folk belief? I know it’s a work of fiction but sometimes it’s good to know where she stands. I also feel that the character Nora Leahy is very similar to the character Margret Jonsson from Burial Rites. I envision them having the same features and mannerism but in different countries with different problems.

So what’s my verdict? It’s not as good as Burial Rites but this book is still worth the read. Enjoy!


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  1. I really enjoyed and love Hannah Kents writing.

    1. Karina Tumon says:

      I do too. Although I found the first book (Burial Rites) much more vivid than this one. But I still enjoyed reading The Good People.

      1. I’ve heard many people say that too. But I liked them both equally.

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