Reading Project 2018 – Little Ted’s Big Heart #11

I randomly picked this book from my library shelf. No major reason – it just had a nice cover. The content was also quite lovely. It was a story about Little Ted and how he built something special to his dear friends: Rabbit; Squirrel; and Owl that they could all share. He made a gift of heart made up of bits and pieces from the forest. It was so BIG though that none of his friends could carry or take it over to their homes. Suddenly, a big gush of wind blew the big heart away and it broke into smaller pieces of hearts. Now his friends could take each little heart pieces to their homes. And Little Ted learnt that gifts don’t have to be HUGE to be lovely and thoughtful.

I like the illustrations too – positive, colourful (pastel water colours) and the animals were depicted as friendly and happy. I think kids would love this book and their parents/carers would enjoy reading the story to them. Highly recommended!

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