Reading Project 2018 – CHOICE July 2018 #12

I don’t usually read magazines from front to end (normally I would skim and just read any articles that interests me); but as this is a reading project, I read every single word on every single page of this magazine. Yikes!

So the choice of magazine is CHOICE magazine! Ha! Actually, it was the only one worth reading when I rummaged through my library’s lending serial shelves. And the July edition was the latest one available. Anyway, in the past, I’ve read a few CHOICE magazines but they didn’t interest me that much. If I needed to find out about a certain product, I would normally read reviews online. It never occurred to me or warranted me to subscribe or borrow the latest edition from the library or even look at their website. It’s never been my ‘go-to’ place for product reviews.

But you know what, after reading this magazine from start to end, I actually learnt some stuff! Some of the things that they covered which I found valuable were:

  • Buying pre-cut vegies (wow, I didn’t realise that there are nutrient loss here) as opposed to buying whole and cutting them yourselves
  • Having your groceries delivered – do not order meat and have them delivered from Coles or Woolworths as they weren’t adequately chilled
  • DNA testing kits – beware of them!
  • Health covers – all a rort (they didn’t say but all a rort just the same!) – don’t take one up
  • Which green energy should you use? Aurora Energy which Tasmanians use rate 52% (the higher the score the ‘greener’ the company is)

Overall, this is quite an informative resource. Fifty percent of the content would probably be relevant to me in reality and the other half I’d skim through as if I was reading like a proper magazine.

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