Reading Project 2019 – The Second Cure #1

I heard this book being discussed on Radio National and I thought it would be a great book to read. I was a little bit disappointed with this story. It felt lame and it was too long winded in the first part. The second part was better – more exciting and fast paced. But the ending was a little unexpected – not in a nice flowing way though. It felt as if the author (spoiler alert here) wanted to hurry the ending so had to end a certain relationship, which was unnecessary. The female character had to catch the virus (got infected), collaborated with her ex-husband then created some kind of a virus to save humankind. Hip hip hooray!

Set in Australia and written by an Australian author, there are plenty of Aussie terms and references here. She laid it on far too much I thought that it sounded more like a tourist book.  She has written tv scripts for Water Rats (blech!); A Country Practice (loved it!); and GP (never watched it) so maybe that’s why it’s written the way it’s written.

Overall, an easy book to read. Not too deep and scenarios are likely and believable but not really…..

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