Reading Project 2019 – The Only Story #2

Every time I think of Julian Barnes (which is not often and who also wrote this book I’m about to review), I think of his book The Sense of an Ending, which I have read and enjoyed. I believe he won the Man Booker prize for that book. Well-deserved too as it was a great book – I couldn’t put it down.

But alas I am not reviewing that book but his latest one – The Only Story. I liked it a lot – another one I couldn’t put down. It’s a love story between Paul and Susan told from Paul’s point of view and from his own fading memories as an old man. The narration on the last part of the story changed to that of the author’s or rather to that of a third person.

While I was reading this book, I was reflecting on my own love story and I’ve come to the conclusion that mine is a pragmatic one. In other words, strong emotions do not overrule my story. Or should they? Perhaps if I’ve been in love in my teens or early twenties, I would have had strong feelings or emotions and experienced a different set of feelings. But I do believe that no one should ever be judged on how you should feel or love another person. Love is an individual and personal entity and should be cherished and thought of by you only.

Well, another highly-recommended book from me. Let me know what you think!

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