Library Visit 2019 – Ferntree Gully Library

This was the first library I visited during a recent family road trip to Queensland.

So we were in the middle of looking at a van (Fiat Scudo) in Ferntree Gully (a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria) when we needed to print out a form for transferring vehicles (by the way we didn’t end up buying the van). We Googled for a library nearby and found one on Burwood Highway, which was surprisingly opened until 8pm on a Wednesday night. I thought that there must have been a need for it opening that late however I’ve just checked their website, they’ve now just changed the closing time to 5.30pm on a Wednesday from September 1.

Date and time of visit: Wednesday, 3 July 2019; 4:15pm

Features: As previously mentioned, the main reason for visiting the library was to print a document from a website. There were 7 public computers and luckily for me – one free one (my computer screen was nice and big but wow my seat was way too low – ok you gotta cater for short people as well right? – and I was cramped in between two clients. Felt really tight!). As I didn’t have a library card, I was given a computer password. To print, I just sent it to the default printer (no code needed or prior payment). I paid the library staff (only one was working at the time) on the way out.

Ferntree Gully Library provides traditional as well as digital library services and is part of the Eastern Regional Libraries in Victoria. I didn’t know this at the time of the visit but the library co-op provides a Seed Library! What a fantastic way of offering a mix of community services!

Overall impression: I love the library setting – in a leafy surrounding with plenty of healthy mature gum trees around. I didn’t have time to look at their collection but the service I received was friendly and informative. I like the honesty system when paying for print outs but not sure how that would go on in the long term for dishonest people.

Mother and son smiling in front of a library sign
As we were in a rush, I didn’t have time to properly look around and take as many photos as I would have liked. Here’s one of me in front of the library with my son.

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