Library Visit 2019 – Euroa Library

I came about this library via a road trip stopover to Canberra from Melbourne (man, that was a LONG drive!) – making this my second library visit for this trip. So while my boys were looking at tanks and war memorial displays at Euroa – I went to the library. Of course!

Date & time of visit: Friday, 5 July 2019; 11:39am

Features: What I found interesting about the Euroa Library (which is part of the Goulburn Valley Libraries) was that at the time of the visit, it was situated on the main street along with a variety of shops and not set apart from the main town activities. Also, being part of the footpath network its location made it convenient for people to access the library. It was also very well-signed outside the shopfront with vertical and horizontal signs in front. It was easy for me to find and if I was a local (or a visitor) I could incorporate other errands with my visit to the library. And hooray they’ve abolished overdue fines!

Books on display
The display shelves at the end of each bookshelf were a great way to showcase the books

The library’s current displays were mostly of Australian Indigenous. I wasn’t sure if these were permanent displays or temporary ones. There were also Indigenous Australian paintings on the walls of the library.

Magazine display in a library
I like how their magazine collection is displayed
Computer screen
What on Earth is this? Looks like a microfiche reader!
The children’s area was bright and colourful

Overall impression: My first impression when I walked in the library was that the library was pretty cramped. There was a lot of ‘stuff’ within a small space. The service desk was on the left-hand side as you walked in and there was a self-checkout kiosk on the left side of the service desk. I wasn’t sure why there were three clocks behind the desk though…

There were two female staff currently on duty during my visit. They did not greet me when I walked in but the desk staff did ask if she could help me when I was looking at the brochures that were on the desk. I only noticed the second staff while she was helping one of the clients.

middle age woman inside Euroa Library
Me in front of the Euroa Library service desk – why were there 3 clocks behind the service desk?

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