Library Visit 2019 – Holbrook Library

I visited the Holbrook Library on the same day I visited Euroa Library. We were still on the way to Canberra from Melbourne on a recent family road trip to Queensland. This was a short visit as we only really stopped by for lunch (not at the library but at the Submarine HMAS Otway).

mother and son visiting the library
Me and my son in front of the Holbrook Library

Date and time of visit: Friday, 5 July 2019 (same day as the Euroa Library visit); 2.21pm

Features: This was a small library but very neat and minimalist. The library’s collection was very new – no old stock here! I didn’t see any holds/reserve section unless they were behind the counter. There were two staff at the time of the visit – one behind the counter (who greeted us) and the other in an office behind the glass window. Public amenities such as public toilets weren’t available at the library complex but perhaps I was blind and did not enquire if there was one.

The staff behind the counter greeted us and was very friendly!
Spanking brand new items at the Holbrook Library!
Although the Holbrook Library was small, the overall library space felt spacious

Holbrook Library offers traditional and digital library services and is part of the Riverina Regional Library Services and the Greater Hume Shire library services. I was not quite sure at the time whether the library co-op offered digital books and music but I did notice on their notice board below that there was some information on Zinio. The information on the Greater Hume Shire website does not indicate this but it does on the Riverina Regional Library Services website.

The library’s notice board indicated a variety of library and community services being offered
The children’s area at the Holbrook Library

Overall impression: I like this library. Although at first, I thought there weren’t any public computers – just a little table with a PC in one corner of the room – probably more to do with legal help. Then as I walked towards where the female staff sat behind the glass window, I noticed there was a room with tables and chairs next to it. On one side of that room, there were about 3 computers – not being used at the time of my visit. There were five clients including us at the time of the visit.

A tool kit and a PC to help clients with legal matters

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