Library Visit 2019 – Queanbeyan City Library

Today I incorporated a library visit with our caravan shopping. We went to the NSW service in Queanbeyan to enquire about registering a vehicle in NSW. The Queanbeyan City Library was the fourth library I visited during a recent family road trip to Queensland.

PLEASE NOTE: Since I visited and wrote this review the Queanbeyan City Library (which is part of the Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Libraries) had now moved to a new spanking building in August. The photos below were taken from the old library site.

Date and time of visit: Tuesday, 9 July 2019; 11.54am

Features: This was a huge library in terms of physical space and collection. Library clients (like me) entered via a ramp and as you walked through to the doors you were faced with a What’s On notice board. You entered on the left via the security gate.

Me about to walk through the security gate. Note that the notice board was right next to the gate so if a client (or two) were to start reading the board, it was hard for other clients to enter.
The What’s On Board at the Queanbeyan City Library was visually appealing
The fiction section was at the back section but there was a plan to move them towards the front because they were popular.
There was a cafe in one corner of the library
Wow! I can’t believe how clean and neat the public toilet amenities were!
The children’s area at the Queanbeyan City Library

Overall impression: Canberrans used to refer to Queanbeyan as “struggle town” but after visiting this library I’m pretty sure that this is now the wrong term to describe this beautiful town and its many attributes including this public institution. From what I have observed during this visit, it was well used by locals and visitors. The staff were super friendly and helpful. And from the conversation I had with one of the staff, the library was moving and upgrading to a new building in August. Progress!

Oh and I love the way huge pot plants have been peppered around the library to add a sense of health and well-being to the library environment.

self-check kiosk at Queanbeyan Library
The self-check kiosk – notice the huge healthy pot plant next to it.
The library space was spacious
Current art display at the Queanbeyan City Library

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