Library Visit 2019 – Noosaville Library

So we were in Hastings Street, Noosa Heads when I decided that I would rather go to the library than walk around here watching a lot of pretentious people with their fedora hats drinking cafe lattes and buying overpriced items! The Noosaville Library was my 6th library visit during a recent family road trip to Queensland – and yes we finally made it to the sunshine state!

Me in front of the Noosaville Library

Date and time of visit: Friday, 23 August 2019; 1.33pm

Features: Noosaville Library is a branch of the Noosa Library Service and offers traditional as well as digital library services. And yes this is another library that is opened 7 days a week – open on Sundays 10am – 2pm!

I saw plenty of emerging technology being used in this library for the benefit of clients as well as creating a streaming workflow for staff – from self-return shelves to a dedicated space for Makerspace workshops.

An intuitive self-return kiosk – I want one! Hmm…I wonder though how user-friendly this will be if there was a tsunami of clients returning items all at the same time..
A dedicated room for makerspace activities
Computers for searching the library’s catalogue
A neon-lit and a bright self-checkout kiosk
The reservation shelves
A very tidy what’s on ‘notice board’
The children’s area at the Noosaville Library
Wow! they even had an outdoor section – which closes an hour before the library closes.

Overall impression: OMG! I salivated as soon as I walked into this library! I loved the architecture, the artwork peppered around the library and the overall ambience of the place. It really should be located in the Hastings Street drag. I can’t believe visitors to Noosa are missing out on this beautiful public institution. PS: Noosaville Library is about 8-10 minutes drive from the Noosa Heads tourist complex.

I wish I had more time to look at all of the artwork in this library
I love the use of the metal archways as a design element for the library’s interior design and architecture
The gorgeous painting behind me is called Freshwater Wetlands by Michele Knightley
The quiet area but I took the photo because I love that artwork by Motoyuki Niwa
This sculpture is called Chip Check Mates by Phil Willy and is appropriately placed next to the Makerspace room

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