Library Visit 2019 – Childers Library

I visited the Childers Library during one of our lunch stopovers on the way to Bundaberg. This was my 7th library visit during a recent family road trip to Queensland. I’ve never been to Childers and I was amazed to find a thriving town with plenty of things to see and do. This was a very quick visit though. I came in around lunchtime – just 5 minutes before they were going to close for lunch. They re-opened in 1 hour (1.30pm).

Me in front of the Childers Library

Date and time of visit: Monday, 26 August 2019; 12.25 pm

Entrance to Childers Library

Features: The Childers Library is part of the Bundaberg Regional Libraries and offers traditional and digital library services. The library had an open design. The foyer consisted of the service desk, reading area and computers. The back of the library consisted of the book collection and the children’s area. There were about 3 clients at the time of my visit – one on the computer, one reading newspapers and the other browsing the shelves. The 3 staff that were on duty were friendly – 2 outside looking at the front display and 1 inside tidying shelves who informed me that they were going to close in 5 minutes for lunch and if I needed to take a book out I needed to do it then.

The service desk was on the left as you enter the library
The tables and chairs and public computers were on the right as you enter the library

Overall impression: As previously mentioned, this was a very quick visit – a five-minute visit in fact! It felt spacious for a small library although I did find it a bit dark especially towards the back of the room. I liked the new self-checkout kiosk.

The community notice board and online catalogue
A snazzy self-checkout kiosk

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