Library Visit 2019 – Bundaberg Library

When I hear the word Bundaberg, the first things that come into my mind are normally rum and ginger beer. Is it the same with you? Well, let me erase those images from your mind and replace them with the word library instead – yes library. I was surprised to discover an amazing library space in this town! The Bundaberg Library was my 8th library visit during a recent family road trip to Queensland.

Me in front of the Bundaberg Library

Date and time of visit: Tuesday, 27 August 2019; 11.29am

Features: The Bundaberg Library is the main branch of the Bundaberg Regional Libraries (encompasses Childers, Gin Gin and Woodgate Libraries). It offers traditional and contemporary library services. I found the library space huge and spacious. The library was also buzzing with people and activities at the time of my visit. I noticed quite an eclectic mix of clients.

The Bundaberg Library foyer overlooking the collection. It was huge!
The computers were on the right as you walk in the foyer
Friends of the Library provided the delivery of library items to housebound clients
There was even a jigsaw puzzle in progress. It was very tempting to sit there and do it.
The Reading Lounge
The self-checkout kiosks – peppered all around the library and not just placed at the front
There was even a TV showing a live broadcast of news. No one was watching at the time of my visit
You could buy coffee at the library. Notice the large bold signs on the walls
Clients could access the WiFi
The spacious children’s area was at the back of the library

Overall impression: I was amazed with this library. And from what I have observed, it was well used by locals and visitors. I did enquire about becoming a member and I was told by one of the friendly staff that I had to pay a deposit of $20 which was non-refundable (then…shouldn’t they have said a fee instead of a deposit?…sorry being cheeky there…). I also liked that clients could access free water and clean toilets! The library has definitely thought about and provided what their clients wanted and needed. Oh, and they have one of those intuitive self-return kiosks.

The self-return kiosk. I love this!
The toilet amenities were immaculately clean!
Free drinking water!

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