Book Review – Dead Image: A Detective Sergeant Best Mystery

Here’s another trashy book from the rubbish pile. I only picked it up because I like the cover – so cool! (Note: the background image is an actual scene taken in 1874 of boatmen searching for bodies at the scene of the Regent’s Park explosion)

It was actually hard for me to read this especially at the start (only because I didn’t know the context) but I kept going and finished it. I really should have read the second title (A Detective Sergeant Best Mystery), which should have given me some clue that this is a series?

So here’s the plot – there was a murder (surprise!) and an explosion in the canal near Regent’s Park. There were dead bodies and DS Best (yes it’s set in London UK around the late 1800’s) is doing his best (!) to find out what happened and who murdered the mysterious female body? This is not your typical Agatha Christie murder mystery (which means I didn’t fancy this book much – I’m not sure if it’s the writing – seems to be all over the place or the lack of character build-up or study) and I didn’t take a liking to DS Best either. I did learn things about the goings and comings of late-Victorian London though….

My verdict is if you want to use up time that you could never get back, then feel free to read this book. I didn’t get much out of it and I’m not sure why I even continued it to the end. Perhaps I was being hopeful.

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