Book Review – To Sell is Human

Being part of a marketing team at my organisation, I am compelled to read books like this. And let me tell you this book delivers more than I anticipated!

Let’s be honest, persuading, convincing and influencing others are not my strongest points. Wow! Really? I hear you say. Well, maybe I’ve done these in more subtle and intrinsic ways. Does convincing my son to clean his room or wash the dishes count? I irk when I try to ‘sell myself’ in job interviews though. But really I just don’t have the sales chops and I’m pretty sure selling does not come naturally to me. When I think of salespeople, images of sleazy and pushy car yard salesmen and ahem real estate agents conjures up in my mind, only interested in my money and whatever reward they’re after.

The author of this book, Daniel H. Pink busts these myths and tells us that selling to others is as natural as being human. Pink provides insight, world examples and practical skills on how we can improve on persuading and moving others to our way of thinking or doing. Just tweaking a few small things in our messages and language could make a difference in how we can transform our world in whatever context.

A must read. I highly recommend it especially if you’re learning to ‘sell yourself’ at work, home or school!

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